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Some Testimonials

"Just wanted to take a minute on my lunch break to tell you how much we enjoyed attending the bonfire last week. My aunt, Vicki Carlson, had asked my daughter Leah if she would like to attend with her and her grandson, and I invited myself along for the evening. I am really glad I did!! The kids barely stayed awake for the ride home to Oakland, but Leah is still talking about the drumming and singing, and the vulture. Thanks to you all." Erica Mowbray

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for a lovely time Wednesday night. We really enjoyed it. You are doing a great thing there and I'm so glad
it's been so successful for you. Hope to see you again soon.
Love, Linda Carr

Really enjoyed the show last night. You guys do a great job!
Marta Schroyer
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Sacred Fire - Sacred Drum
Bonfire Extravaganza
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Bonfire Extravaganza

Deep Creek Lake Bonfire
~ Camp Earth Fire Circle ~
Deep Creek Lake State Park Amphitheater
Wednesdays in June, July & August
Starting June 23rd through August 18th
8:30-10:15PM (arrive at 8:00)

Please Read All Information

If the weather at 7:30PM Looks like we can get the fire in we will!!!
Torches will be lit at 8:00PM if the Bonfire is a go.

Watch The Bonfire Extravaganza Video
On You Tube!

$5.00 per person general admission,
No advance ticket sales.

Under 4 years of age FREE.

Arrive early 8:00-8:10PM
especially if you want face painting

bear dancer

WHERE: Deep Creek Lake State Park Amphitheater
All Earth Fire Circle
Park Cars at The Deep Creek Lake Discovery Center.
BRING: folding chairs, or blankets, refreshments, pack out what you pack in. Call for Handicap access.
Flashlight is handy, no lights in Discovery Center Parking Lot.

Note: Please keep personal flashlights off during the bonfire and keep flash photography to as minimum to avoid bothering other guests. The bonfire uses no amplification so listening is important. Children that cannot stop talking during the story telling we ask that parents move them to the amphitheater.

Reservations Not Required

A journey back in time that's
fun for the whole family!
An evening of storytelling, costumes, dancing, drumming,
song, and of course... marshmallow roasting.
A Deep Creek Lake family entertainment activity
that's affordable and fun.
Our seventh year!

Sacred Fire - Sacred Drum
In the old days the fire was sacred and a friend to man. The drum reflected the Great Mystery as experienced through the rhythm of the heartbeat that beats only forward. Join us for a celebration of our relationship to the circle of life and all that is. Learn about the four directions and the wisdom and medicine of the animals. Dance around the fire with us and celebrate the sacred earth and all our relations. Meet the Crow, The Buffalo, The Deer, The Bear, Vulture Man, Dimitri, and More.

Fun you can have without electricity!
A lil' marshmallow roasting
wraps up the nights
festivities (we provide).
   Meet Some of The Animals

I am Crow!
I am the west direction- Wiyopiyata. The color of the west is black as are my feathers. I am the color of the night. Black is the womb in which the new is born and the old return.

Crow is watchful and warns other crows and animals of danger. I have a voice that does not sing but can speak many things to those who take the time to listen. I am adaptable to my environment. I work together with my brother and sister crows.

If you look deeply into Crows eye you will find a gateway to the supernatural. Crow knows the unknowable mysteries of creation and is the keeper of sacred law. Crow is protector of the ancient records, and it is said that the Creators Book of the Law is bound in Crow feathers. Crow is truth!

Crow is an omen of change. Crow lives in the void and has no sense of time. The Ancient Chiefs tell us that Crow sees all, the past, present and future. Crow merges the light and dark of the the inner and outer reality, Crow travels freely between the world of the seen and unseen.

In China crows are worshipped and considerd a symbol of solitude. To the Celts, the crow was symbol of creation. In biblical lore the prophet Elijah was fed by crows while hiding in the wilderness. In the Norse tradition, the God Odin had two crows for messengers.
Crows are everywhere hear their call.

Crow reminds us to be mindful of our opinions and actions.
Be willing to walk your talk, speak your truth.

Wherever Crow is, there is magic! See me fly.

buffalo dancer

Once a beautiful woman appeared dressed in white buffalo fur. She brought to the Lakota Sioux many sacred things which showed how all things were connected. She taught the men and women many mysteries of the earth, and she taught them how to pray and follow the proper path upon the earth. As she left, she rolled upon the earth and became a white buffalo calf, and then disappeared over the horizon. No sooner had she diappeared, when great herds of buffalo surounded the people.

I am the North Direction! The Red Color! The color of sacrifice and purification!
I am Buffalo Nation- Tatanka Oyate.

I am the cold north wind and the purification of winter and the new fallen snow. I am the red stone and clay of Mother Earth.

I provided much for the people. Shelter, food, and tools. I ask that the people be thankful for the Great Mystery and all of the Great Spirit’s creation.

I am abundance, and I show how The Great Spirit helps those who help themselves.

I am very unpredictable and I can be dangerous.. I teach you to honor the natural flow and to not push things to wind up at your destination. I am the balance between the everyday and the higher purpose.

A Hau Mitkuye Oya Sin!

We are ALL related! Watch me dance.

animal dancer

I am the East Direction. Weo-Hum-Pata. I am the Yellow Color.

I am the Sun that brings life each day from the East direction. I am the a chance for new beginnings with each new sunrise.I am the innocence of the new morning.
I am Deer!

I have many stories of leading hunters into the woods for many exciting adventures. I provide much for the people and help them to live in the wilderness. My children are gentle like me and they will easily become your friend when lost. I teach you to be caring and to help those around you with kindness.

Watch me leep, watch my white flag tell my friends of your presence. Look to deer and learn to see and hear the things that are behind the words. Shed your fears as I shed my horns.

Know that new protection will come again!
I am Deer! See me!


I am the south Direction. Ito-ka-ga-ta.
I am the Moon. I am the long days of summer.
I am the growth of all things green.

I am Bear. I am Ska Mato!

I am a kin to man for I too can walk upon two legs. I am a symbol of all that is natural and wild and I ask for protection of the lands I depend on. I mean you no harm for I mostly eat plants and berries, and I eat less meat than brother fox.

I am gentle and raise my children for up to two years before they leave. When they are born they are helpless like human children and I keep them safe and warm in my den. I let my children play for this is how they learn. Give us space and we will mind our own business.

My long winter sleep can teach you the importance of your dreamlife
and how to go deep within yourself to find the solutions you seek!
Awake like me in the spring and find a new world waiting to be reborn.

I know all the plants and the secrets they keep.
I love the trees and the sweet honey that can be found inside.
My medicine is strong like me.

Look to Bear!
I come in ALL colors!
Enter the Great Mystery and find the solutions that lie within you!

Call for information 800-446-7554 or 301-746-4083

*We always start our bonfire well into the summer season and end our bonfire season the week before Labor Day weekend. Traditionally lower occupancy at the lake during these times and expected lower turn out to the bonfire forces us to start our season a little late and end a little early. However we think the $5.00 price is an important part of the accessible and affordable nature of our evenings story telling. We just can't afford to do it for smaller crowds unless we doubled the price for the entire season, and we really don't want to do that.

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